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On Windows, extension is associated with plwin.exe and most comfortable way is to double-click file you want to load in the explorer. This will start SWI-Prolog, which changes directory to the directory holding the file and then loads the clicked file. 1.2. Do you have file size figures for the .pl vs .qlf files? (Also for the gzip-ed .pl and .qlf file, to get a feeling for their information content) Single data point. Using the Logtalk core files (compiled to and collected in a single Prolog file) and the embedding script for SWI-Prolog I get: Prolog file: 1079943 bytes QLF file: 340538 bytes SWI-Prolog has two sections in the documentation that cover reading of data. One is about using terms, which is not what you want and the other is about reading primitive data which is probably what you want and is closest to the Python example you understand.

Swi prolog load file

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The latter is supported by most Prolog systems that support term expansion as read_term/3 returns end_of_file on reaching the end of the input. Expanding begin_of_file may be used to initialise the compilation, for example base on the file name extension. It was added in SWI-Prolog 8.1.1. expand_term(+Term1, -Term2) Dropping a SWI-Prolog source code file on to the SWI-Prolog desktop shortcut works in Windows and will consult the source code and set the working directory. The easiest way to create a desktop shout cut is to use File Explorer to find the SWI-Prolog executable C:\Program Files\swipl\bin\swipl-win.exe then right click and drag and drop it onto the desktop and select Create Shortcut here . SWI-Prolog Semantic Web Library 3.0. Two RDF APIs.

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Dear colleagues, i would like to load a file which depends on an algorithm: if language is German, then consult a German file if it is not consulted yet. if load_files(:Files, +Options) The predicate load_files/2 is the parent of all the other loading predicates except for include/1. It currently supports a subset of the options of Quintus load_files/2.

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Load. 8:o. 2+6 + 190 «. 3 kr. — Sv. darra, dallra m.

The consulting involves reading each clause, perhaps doing a bit of processing on the read terms, and then asserting the clause into the Prolog knowledge base.
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Swi prolog load file

- consult(user). Med SWI-Prolog när du skapar siffror med true verbose\_load: silent emulated\_dialect: swi sandboxed\_load: false optimise: false resource\_database: c:/program files (x86)/swipl/boot32.prc debugger\_show\_context:  .xcplugin: Plugin-program för Xcode .mzi: Mezzo-gränssnittsfil .vala: Vala källkodsfil .qlf: SWI-Prolog Quick Load File .oc: Esterel Compiler Automatkod .fpa  Liknande filtillägg i vår databas: .qlv: QGis LayerVersion Edit .qlv: Tencent QLV-video .qlr: QGis Layer Definition Data .qlf: SWI-Prolog Quick Load File .ld: MoTeC  Please review the NEWS files at carefully before upgrading. gcl improvements in handling additional dialects, smarter loading of libraries and extensions to YAP compatibility. Project site:

This seems to be the basic problem with loading the same file from several modules.
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All loading of source files is achieved by load_files/2.The hook prolog_load_file/2 can be used to load Prolog code from non-files or even load entirely different information, such as foreign files. All versions of SWI-Prolog load files with the extension .pl as well as with the registered alternative extension without explicitly specifying the extension. For portability reasons we propose the following convention: If there is no conflict because you do not use a conflicting application or the system does not force a unique relation -- Load Prolog code from a web server. prolog_load_file/2; -- Use HTTP network proxies; -- Serve PWP pages through the HTTP server; -- Hook session management to use Redis; -- HTTP server library; -- Parse of HTML and XML documents for the HTTP client Prolog Unit Tests. Controlling the test suite. (can be autoloaded) load_test_files(+Options) Load .plt test-files that belong to the currently loaded sources. When using sub-projects in the SWI-Prolog hierarchy, one should use the path alias swi as basis.