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Work Sans. Work Sans is a free, open-source typeface designed by Australian type designer Wei Huang. It was commissioned by Google Fonts and released in 2015. This style of sans-serif influenced by early grotesques is quite popular at the moment, so I’m predicting that we’ll start to see Work Sans used all over the web in the coming months. Combining fonts. It’s not just choosing the right fonts, but pairing the right fonts together, that will make or break your design. And, pairing fonts can be tricky — why does one serif font work with this heading, and not the other?

Vollkorn font pairing

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Yanone Kaffeesatz & Playfair Display. Font combos. Great font pairings mean great design. Some fonts look good together while others are deadly enemies. Pairing the right fonts makes or breaks your design. This can be tricky, though – one serif font may work great with this heading and not the other.

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How to choose a good font pairing. There are over 950+ fonts in the google fonts library and you can come up with all sorts of font combinations but there are some rules of thumbs you can follow to make this process easier for you. Work Sans. Work Sans is a free, open-source typeface designed by Australian type designer Wei Huang.

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Check out Type Genius and Font Pair for some useful font pairings. We’ve also gathered some to help you out. Check out some of our favourite font pairings and try them out for your next print project! Bonus: almost all of these fonts are free!

First published in 2005 under a Creative Commons license, it was soon downloaded thousands of times and used in all kinds of web and print projects.
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Vollkorn font pairing

Using Vollkorn as a body font supports the Montserrat heading font, and has tighter kerning (letters close together) and a taller x-height (height from baseline). You may want to adjust the line height (space between lines of text) to let the paragraphs breathe a little. Not all font combinations look great.

It goes well with Lato, Open Sans, Montserrat, BonvenoCF, Source Sans Pro, Karla, Unica One and Gotham. If you're thinking about using Vollkorn then try Give 17px a shot for content.
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3. Montserrat and Vollkorn. 19 Jul 2017 Used in this combo, they work exceptionally well to bring out amazing typography for designers, authors and journalists. Unica One Vollkorn  28 Feb 2015 CSS for Ubuntu & Vollkorn Combination h1 { font: 400 95px/1.1 'Ubuntu', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif } p { font: 400 17px/1.6 'Vollkorn', Georgia,  28 Mar 2019 Choosing complimentary Google Fonts that match your website design and branding can be daunting. Vollkorn Bold and Exo Regular. Pair & Compare is a web application that lets you find the best fonts and font- pairings for your next project easily and smoothly.