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1.09* The Ugly - Magic find works--but in a very odd way If your merc d Want to know everything about finding magical items in D2 ? Magic Find-Guide : Mephisto, the godfather of “Magic Find”, still drops well chance does not increase linearly with additional MF equipment, but the bonuses will gradually If you want a light, pleasant character that requires a little work, it is a wonderful character. so your character recovers faster if you have more Fhr. MF - Magic Find - Used Remember that this is a magical find, you do not need -If you want a in game transfer. This is subject to take up to 72 hours based on availability and other issues.

Does magic find work on mercenaries diablo 2

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Necromaner Minions (Skeletons, Skeleton Mages, Golems, and Revives) all have the same amount of Magic Find as your character. If your MERCENARY makes the kill, the magic find is equal to his/her MF Apparently % increase gold drop now works then same way as % magic find. It only applies when the merc kills something. Note: in 1.09, any +% gold find equip that a merc is carrying apparently does add to any increased % gold drop that the player character is carrying.

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Example, 100% MF on char, 125% MF on merc. Hirelings in Diablo 2's Expansion are Mercenaries that you can hire to fight by your side. They are supremely loyal once hired, and fight to the death on your behalf.

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These mercenaries use the Barbarian class skills Bash and Stun skills, and attack twice per normal attack. Magic Find (MF) is an affix which raises your chance to find higher quality type items. There are 7 different quality types: low quality, normal, superior, magic, rare, set and unique.

Does magic find work on mercenaries diablo 2

2021-04-11 · or more magic find does not mean you will always get rare WHen all your minions/mercenaries die immediately use a town portal scroll and go to This won't work until after you kill Diablo. It was said by the Diablo 3 development team for ages that they "weren't ready" to reveal mercenaries in Diablo III, or otherwise they "didn't know" what they would do with them. However, in May 2011, the follower system was indeed revealed, but to the chagrin of Blizzard, it was leaked by the Korean Blizzard official website by accident. Magic Find (MF) works on hirelings, but this only goes one way. When you kill a monster, the game only counts the MF% on your character.

When a merc kills, the game uses the combined MF% of the merc and you. The same principle also applies to Gold Find.
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